Tuesday, April 8, 2014

~~A-Z: "Greater Good" by Endo~~

Hello. My name is Endo. I am the newest member here at the Mansion, and it is a sincere honor to be permitted to speak with all of you. Today is the seventh day of the A-Z Challenge, excluding Sunday, and it is clear that Alexandra has not been entirely on her game. She has been sick for the past few days, and I am sincerely hopeful that she will be permitted to continue in this challenge.  She is a lot healthier now, however, if a bit concerned about the schoolwork she has missed. I am doing my best to keep her calm, however, as I am the only one who can.

You see, I am every last bit of her that desires peace and quiet. I am her meditation and her normalcy, and her inner sense of coolness. She has had me for a very long time, but she never truly knew I was actually separate from her, as the others are. She never realized i was another self until I began to speak with her.

Now, I shall begin my post upon the subject of the greater good.

We are all forced to make choices, are we not? We are made to choose between the good, and the bad--even though the choices we make might cause harm.  We never truly want to end up hurt, which is typically how things end up going wrong. You must choose what blows to take and which to dodge; the fist you dodge is the one that finds another target. Do not live selfishly, my friends. Live for your friends--don't do the weak thing, and die for them.

The greater good is a hard thing to describe. Does it encompass all of humanity, or all of the world? Does it encompass animals and the environment, or just humanity itself? Does it include space, or just our little marvelous marble?

Is something that is better for man worth doing, if it harms the environment?

How would you define the greater good, or would it make yourself just feel better? Would it be a crime to see whether or not what you want would improve the world?

Personally, I think that there is no such thing as a greater good. We cannot be summarized into just one party or group. The world is far too large to be put into one category, and this is the only way to cope. We can only cope this way....

Humanity needs to focus on the long-term solutions. You can't hide behind decisions that fix things for a little while. If you want to help, help the planet before helping humanity. The greater good is the environment, if you must have a so-called greater good.

We all see ourselves as noble beings.

Apply that nobility to the world.

Save the world.

Yours with love,


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  1. An important question to ask is, does it help or hurt? If it helps, it's probably for the greater good.

    M. J.
    A - Z Co-Host


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