Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I still love you. Yes,
I'm screaming and,
Yes, I'm scared;
But I still love you.
Can you tell
I've never turned
My back on you?
I've never sworn
To end what we've begun.
Who could have known
We'd end up this way?
Both so bitterly broken?
You bring out the worst
In me, because that's
The best in you.
You a wonderfully horrible man,
And I wouldn't trade
You for a saint.
(I always knew
I'd prefer the
I prefer the sinner;
It's far more fun
To burn in hell
Than to dance
In heaven.
I'd rather hurt,
Than love.
I'd rather kill
Than save.
I'd rather win
The dirtiest game,
Than finish last.
I don't want to give up
A single damned thing--
Not anymore.
I won't lose
Ever again:
I'll keep fighting.

I still think
Of myself as good....
I still think of myself
As an angel
With a slightly bent halo.
I know it's unfair
To hurt the people
Who only want to love me.....
But that doesn't mean
I'll stop.

You bring out
The worst in me,
Because it's the best
In you.

As unfair as
This is,
As unhealthy as
This is:
I won't turn
My back
On you.

I love you so.

You are my wonderful man.
And I am your
Broken angel.

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