Wednesday, April 23, 2014

~~"Hostile Heights" by Raphael~~

The heavenly skies tower over all of humankind. 
The heavenly skies watch over you--
Can you feel their dark eyes
Shimmering as they pass over you?
Hands on their swords,
Their black wings spread wide--
Can you sense them watching you?
Watching you lie and cheat,
Watching you run red lights,
Watching you kill and screw--
Don't you know they're watching you?
You can't escape their measure.
You can't escape their eyes.
Measure is unceasing,
And it's all of you.
They watch you,
They know you--
They know what you say,
They know what you do.
Hands on their swords,
They are watching you.
Sparring each other,
Preparing for war--
Can you feel them
Watching over you?
Can you feel them smiling?
Can you feel them laughing?
Displeasure and pride,
Measure and rewards--
Can you feel them shaking their heads
As they're watching you?
They know everything you do:
Can you feel them smile?

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