Wednesday, April 2, 2014

~~A-Z: "Beautifully Bemused" A Short Story by Alakina~~

The young warrior crouched, perched atop the weak-limbed tree. He frowns, raising a dirt-mottled hand to scrub at the sweat upon his brow. Frowning through the dirt-tainted liquid, he peers all around him, thinking to himself: There's no way this is right....

Disdaining the thought of remaining in the sun's harsh light any longer, he steps smoothly off of the tree. He plunges through the treetops, leaves and branches smashing into him as he gazes up at the sky. The sun's light is swiftly lost to the deep dark of the lonely trees, and he knows he will hit the ground soon.

A smile forming across his face, he suddenly begins to slow his fall: How I love to fly.....

His massive wings smash out from his back, pounding furiously against gravity's ever-desperate tug. He smirks at the ground that had almost had him, before leaping back up onto the branches before he can plummet past them. A laugh, harsh and high, escapes his lips as he scales the trees. He's as nimble as a snake and as fast as a deer (if such a thing could climb trees), and he intends to fly.

He finally reaches the treetops once more, and leaps into the sky. His powerful wings pull him far up into the clouds, his ruddy skin ignoring their damp chill. He smiles as he gazes down at the world beneath him, wondering to himself why it looked so wrong. Many years ago, it had been so very different....So much better.

The world had not been polluted, had not been doomed....

It wasn't this way, but then humanity came and ruined it.

Ah well.

He would end it now.

Fingering the sword-shaped pendant at his throat, he soars toward a city. He lands upon a rooftop, and--doing his best to peer through the polluted fog that made even the brightness of day look like dusk--gazes upon humanity.

He sees cheap whores, lonely people, and liars. He sees drug users and thieves. Pedophiles and rapists. He sees people who see themselves as saints, even though they're among the worst. He smiles to himself, feeling very bemused at the thought of people's foolishness. If only they knew that God was always watching them.....

And if only they knew that God wasn't happy.

He smiles, grabs the pendant and snaps the chain with a sharp yank. He runs the sword's blade across his palm, and lets rubies plummet to the ground below.

The ground begins to heave and shake.

People begin to scream.

And he smiles.

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