Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Consign yourself to a blissful
Consign yourself to the arms
Of a sadist.
Lose control, and hand over
The keys to your soul.
Abandon the light, and learn
To love the dark.
The world will end
Sooner than
You know.
The world will burn
Sooner than
You can tell.
Try not to
Be afraid--
The world
Will not hurt you.
It will
Not break you.
You can abandon
Your duties,
But the world
Will go on.
Don't let yourself
Be abandoned.
Hold onto the things
You want to toss away.
Sell your soul,
If you must.
Give into the pain,
And find a kinder god.
Maybe the world will be
Dark forever,
And maybe it won't.
Maybe it will
Stop hurting.
I wish
It would
Stop hurting.....

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