Friday, April 25, 2014

~~Inside My Eyes~~

I gaze out
At the world.
I register little--
Seeming to not see
The teachers
The classmates
The stars.
I seem not to see,
But I do see--
Inside my eyes
A world of joy
And hatred.
Tied up and torn,
A prisoner
To my memories--
Would I live my life
Another way
Than this?
Would I choose
Anything different
From this?
I chose my sins.
I chose my lies.
I chose my comforts.
I chose my victories.
I chose to suffer,
While you--
'Noble' watcher--
Chose to grow.
I know I won't
Win the race.
I know I won't
Get as far
As you.
Simply because
I choose not to.
Why race forward
When the entire world
Is a hotbed
Of danger and death?
Why not calmly
Walk along,
Knowing that
There is no escape
From the darkness behind--
Just like
There is no escape
From the darkness
Inside my eyes,
I form a smile
And laugh as you wonder
Why I prefer
To be alone.

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