Tuesday, April 8, 2014

~~A-Z: "Ego Draconis: A Game Review" by Dana~~

Hello!!! I am Dana! I'm not the one who usually writes anything, everz, soooo forgive me if dis isn't up to Alex's usual standards. She's a buttbutt, and she made postin on dis mandatory, soooo all her personalities are stuck doing it! >.> I'd be mad at her if she didn't tell meh I'd be doin game reviews!!

Sooo, the first game I'll be discussin' is Divinity Two: Ego Draconis and Flames of Vengeance. FoV is the expansion, and the full thing is called The Dragon Knight Saga. Dragons are so pretty. And dragons kick ass. Like, all the ass. Think of Chuck Norris wiff wings. And firebreath. And kick-butt spells.

Have I mentioned I love flying?

Like, a lot a lot?

Seein' as I'm one of the few people without wings here in the Manion (Alexandra, Raphael, Kakana, Jace, Endo, Michael, and Alakina all have wings) I can't fly. So, instead, I fly in Divinity Two: The Dragon Knight Saga.

It's one of my all-time favorite games. Beyond huge replayablity, awesome-butt graphics, and a lot of it is fuuunnnyyyy!!!!!

Kick all the bunnies, dudes.

Kick all of them.

And then be prepared to get chur butt whooped!!!

Okay, so the game is hard. A lot of it is hard. But this game will teach you the value of dodging, jumping, and even mixing up your skills. You can be a: Priest, Ranger, Mage, Warrior, or any combination thereof. A separate skill panel, which I forget the name of, acts as a place for all of your usual passives--Mindread (the more skill points you put into this = the less experience used to Mindread), Wisdom (more skill points = more experience earned from each thing), Endurance (more inventory space), and other skills like that.

I usually play as a Ranger, and put points into Priest so I can summon an awesome Demon to help me in the fight. I also put points into Warrior so I can hit things harder wiff mah sword, as well as bleed them and stuff like that. I always keep on hand the skill Magic Blast as it kicks butt--three or more blasts of ever-increasing damage. Destruction skill (passive) will increase how much damage all magic skills deal. Also, Firewall is useful for ensuring chu don't get chur butt whooped by melee people.

So, you can stay a pure person if you want. I like mixing and matching. It's worth it.

Magic Blast and Explosive Arrows (Ranger) are my favorite skills in the entire game. Poison Arrows-- a beginning skill as a Ranger--is something I often consider just dropping entirely. It doesn't get powerful enough to make it worth keeping...

NOTE: I can't remember the name. it is either Magic Blast or Magic Missile. Whichever one it is, it is the one that doesn't become available until a couple levels into the game....

Okay, sooo you all totally need to play this. I beyond love this game, dudes and dudettes.

It is huge, fun, and wonderful. It's also really hard the first time 'round, afore you get the hang of things.

Besides, flying is amazing. Being a dragon is amazing.

Save a lot. Go EVERYWHERE. Be careful with mind reading. Don't be too quick to turn in quests, especially if it involves turning in the bandit camp. Go and do everything you can. It's a wonderful game, and I will nevah stop playin it.

Have at it, guys.

Dana, out!


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