Tuesday, April 8, 2014

~~Am I a Horrible Person?~~

Am I cruel,
For taking what is offered?
Am I evil,
For breaking hearts
And ruining minds?
I never did anything
But play with toys
I'm given.
Am I a horrible person
For wanting to break
I won't hurt those
Who aren't easy to hurt....
Unless they offer themselves,
I won't hurt
A single soul.
I will not harm anyone
Who doesn't make it easy.
I'm not sorry at all,
If I make you cry.
I'm not sorry at all.
I'm not sorry at all
That I ended up becoming
The kind of person
That destroys
People like I used to be.
I turned horrible.
I turned cold.
I turned everything
YOU knew I would.
You, you sadist and asshole.
You, you controlling bastard.
You, you are my lover.
You are my boyfriend.
You knew I would turn out
This way,
The second you said
You could love me.
You knew,
And you let me
Become changed
Into the one thing
I hate the most:
A horrible person.

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