Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Adoration, contemplation--
What does it mean to love?
I know my heart races,
I know i feel amazed--
What does it mean to love?
I'm in heaven when you kiss me,
But I'm in hell when you're away.
It hurts, my heart aches--
I run a thousand miles
Just to see you.
I destroy the world,
Just to see you.
I'm drowned in love and sensation--
Worship is in my heart.
I'll do anything you ask.
Just tell me you love me.
Just tell me you love me
As much as I believe
I love you....
I can't decide
If it's love, or if I should hide.
I don't know what
I'm doing right--
Am I doing something wrong?
Am I breaking you?
Am I hurting you?
Am I cold,
Or am I kind?
I don't know what's wrong,
I don't know what's right--
Is it good that I don't believe
I can live without you anymore?


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  2. Looks like we had the same theme on our minds today, your words were hypnotising :)


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