Thursday, April 17, 2014

~~Happy Dead Bunny Time~~

Whee! I'm losing my mind,
I'm losing control.
It feels so good
To admit I'm not whole.
I wanted so bad
To make myself hurt,
That now that I'm bleeding:
I can tear it all apart.
Completely supportive,
Completely whole--
I'm so glad I changed
And made myself worse.
Drowned in sadism
And in sin,
It's so nice to feel
Like I'm dying
To be here.
I'm dying to be here,
To feel like I can
Destroy you.
I want to destroy you.
You think I'm sweet,
You think I'm good--
You think I'm noble,
But I'll hurt you worse
Than anyone else
Ever could!
I'll be your slut,
I'll be your skank--
I'll be your sinner,
Even though you'll always say:
I'm your Angel.
I'm your angel?
I wish you could see,
That I'm just a dead girl
I wish you could see
That I died and came back
A hollower version of me.
(And no, I'm
Not sorry....)
I'm not sorry I'll
Break you in two.
I'm not sorry
I'll lie to you.
I'm not sorry,
Not sorry at all....
Now let yourself
Burn inside.
Let yourself
Burn inside....
Let yourself.....

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