Thursday, April 17, 2014

~~What's Been Going On?--Life Post~~


My darling readers, April has not been my month for posting. It really hasn't. Most of you are probably wondering just what aspect of my life has tugged me away from you this time, but I'm afraid I can't really answer that. Well, a good guess would probably be to blame webcomics.

Blame the webcomics EVERY EFFING TIME.

They're destroying my ability to focus on anything and everything. So very, very tempting to just click...and read...and read...and read...

And then there's the mangas....

I really read too many mangas.

Currently, I'm praying that the manga Kamisama No Iu Toori gets an English release. It's a wonderful Horror Survival Manga, and it's downright horrible. Think Battle Royale mixed with challenges in the line of Saw, and you'll get what I mean. It has the same horrible despair and meaninglessness that one might get at three am, when there's no one awake in the entire effing world but them....


Okay, so I'd look that one up, if I was you. It's an incredible manga.


It's due to get a live-action movie.

Oh god.

I can't wait to see it, but at the same time, I want to cry so very much. It will be one of the most brutal movies I've ever watched....If it WASN'T live action, I'd be perfectly fine. But, because it is.....I don't have a hope. I've seen brutal, horrible things in anime and manga form....

But not in live.

I couldn't even get through until the actual medical procedures in Human Centipede.  Hell, I dropped out at the slideshow where he was describing what he was going to do. (I still want to finish that movie, actually. I just need to get the time alone to do it. I also want to watch A Serbian Film, which is widely regarded as the most disturbing movie of ALL EFFING TIME.)

I wish I was still getting counselling. I think I'll need it after these movies.

And I still can't believe I haven't seen *any* of the Saw horror franchise. I ought to--they're so iconic that they're almost a requirement for connoisseurs of Guro. (AKA gore porn.)

Okay, so other than this, I've been alright. I made a slightly disturbing discovery, though--my lovely boyfriend Shawn looks almost exactly like my very first boyfriend Ted. Well, *I* didn't do that intentionally. When Shawn and I started dating, way way back on Christmas Day at three or four am, he and I had maybe Skyped once in our three year friendship. And I had a few pictures of him, but none that were exactly recent.

And now, looking back at pictures of Ted, I realize I really have just gone backwards. I may have moved up in the world (YAY FOR SHAWN BEING SUCCESSFUL!), but Shawn still just looks like Ted to me. And now that I've seen the resemblance, I can't go back to unseeing it.

I can't get it out of my mind.

Just great.

Hey, so guys.....I'm sorry I've been away.

Forgive me?

With love and brown eyes,

Half-Mad Writer

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