Tuesday, April 8, 2014


You betrayed me, you know.
You turned away from me.
You swore you'd never
Hurt me--but that
Was so a lie.
I thought
I could trust you--
I thought I'd
Be just fine. I thought
You would forgive me,
And understand why
I had left your side:
It wasn't because
I didn't love you,
But because
I needed to
Be away from you.
I never meant
To hurt you.
I swear.
Please forgive me,
And do not do this
To me. I cannot take
The things you plan to do
If I do not fight
To please you again.
Do not turn your back
On me. Do not hurt me.
I thought I had meant
More to you
Than this.
I thought I
Could leave you
if I knew it was best.
I thought I hadn't
Gotten myself so ensnared
In your clutches
That I would never be able
To leave.
It is best for me to go.
I love another, serve another--
Please don't
Hate me anymore.
Don't hurt me anymore.
Just let me go.
I stopped serving
I never stopped
Loving you....
But that doesn't matter
Please let me go.
I know I betrayed you....
But don't betray me.
Don't make me hate myself
For trusting you.

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