Wednesday, April 23, 2014

~~I Am Undone~~

I am a broken
Little ball of fluff and desire.
I am a lonely
Little child--
So why do you care?
Why do you pull me
Close to you?
Comfort me,
When everything else
Goes wrong?
Why do you tell me
It's all going
To be okay?
I'm a bitch,
I'm a whore,
I'm useless,
I'm cold,
I'm dead--
I'm no one, so
Why do you treat me
Like I'm perfect?
Why do your words say
That I'm absolutely perfect?
Why does your voice
When you meet my gaze?
Why do you grin
And laugh
Whenever I curl up
Close to you?
Why do you let me
Cling to you?
I am undone.
Why do you love me?

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