Thursday, April 24, 2014

~~Candy-Sweet Faces Rewrite!--Life Post~~

Goodmorning, everyone! As you can see, my long-standing project of Candy Sweet Faces is continuing. I'll write the blurb down below, if I have the chance.

Wait, it seems that I'm STILL being hacked. Please disregard any posts that are clearly not made by my lovely self, as I'm not quite certain how they are still posting. I've changed my password THRICE on every account connected to Blogger--email, blogger, and Google. I'm not certain what else can be done.

Besides that, I really am focused on finishing Candy-Sweet Faces. When I get the chance, I'm going to write a set of timelines to keep important dates for the plot (as well as the main character's private lives) in order.

Yes, this novel/novels will require timelines.

Because they're going to be that complicated.

I'm not entirely sure just what will happen. I know there will be multiple character deaths, and a major expansion in the CSF universe.

SPOILER: Patients, policemen, a very specific reporter, and a travelling circus will mean a massive amount in the CSF stories.

I also might change the title of CSF. I like Candy-Sweet Faces, but I might also go for things like BLACK ROSE SOCIETY, THE SOCIETY OF BROKEN GIRLS, TO KILL A LOVER, BLACK LOLITAS, LOLITA UNDONE....

Forgotten Toffee, maybe!

It kinda depends on where this story ends. I'm not exactly sure where it will end, really....

I'm running through dozens of possible titles. I LOVE Candy-Sweet Faces, but I don't know how well it fits. I'm currently going through a list of about twenty possibilities with my friend Gary.

I need to run through a lot more titles....

So, yes, I will be rewriting this.

It WILL end up a trilogy.

I like the name Black Rose Hall.

Or maybe Damaged Goods.

Or Dying Embers. Which ends up becoming Spark in the Dark, and then Fire in the Night.

Or maybe False Angels.

I don't know....

We'll see!

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