Wednesday, April 23, 2014

~~Not Only....~~

Not only me, not only you.
There's more
Than we could ever know.
You're watching
From behind the shadow,
Waiting for the sunlight--
Don't you know
It will shine
On more than you?
Don't you know
It will reveal the world?
We aren't the only ones
Here in love.
We're not alone.
We aren't alone in love.
Surrounded by others,
We embrace
And keep each other close.
We feel whole,
We feel broken--
We dream
Of forever,
While waiting
For the past
To repeat.
We don't know
Where we're going--
We only know
We don't like where
We've been.
We can't guess
At tomorrow--
All we can do
Is fight for today.
You are my lover,
Let me be your bride.
Let me be your whole world.
Let me be yours--
And I swear
I will
Love you.

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