Tuesday, April 8, 2014


What does it mean to die,
When all the others do is cry?
What does it mean to move on
And finally say goodbye?

Is it possible to turn back
And undo the things you've done?
Or is the battle lost,
Never to be won?

Is it important to feel
Like you mean something?
Or is it better to believe
You feel nothing?

Is it good, or is it bad,
To wonder why we try?
Is it better to just move on,
Or better to call it all a lie?

Don't touch me if you
Want to survive....
I've been lost,
Become one of the hive.

I'm lost without you,
But it doesn't mean a thing.
Go right on ahead,
Just keep on running.

We've been lost to all their lies.
We've been torn by the ties that bind.
We can't move, and we can't breathe--
We are all but deaf and blind.

We've been lost to humanity,
And been gained by the end.
We haven't gotten far--
We barely made a friend.

We burned the bridges,
And scoured the rooftops.
We lost ourselves,
And there's no one that can stop.

We can't stop the end of the world.
We can't save ourselves.
We're lost here, left alone.
Our hearts are put on broken shelves.

Forgive us, we want to scream.
Forgive us and make it a dream.
Take away our nightmare,
So it is better than it seems....

We are soulless, left here alone.
You stole from us
All we had ever known....
Why do you hate us?

We never did anything
But want to love you.
We never did anything wrong.
We just wanted to know you.

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