Wednesday, May 1, 2013

~~Yeah, Yeah I'm Losing It--Life Post~~

As all of you likely know, my mind is semi-psycho. Wait, semi-psycho? Okay, before we start talking about me like I'm some crazed lunatic, let's get to the point. And the point is that I'm seriously freaking out from NOT WRITING! Without my laptop, I can' anything normally, so I'm stuck scrounging for a computer. Right now I'm at the old computer, and it's keyboard is a lot bigger than mine....Granted, EVERY keyboard is a lot bigger than mine, but hey that's beside the point! The REAL point is that right now I'm trying to get to writing.

Why am I freaking out? Why am I no longer able to think or make sense? Why is my typing skill deteriorating? Why cudwnvcn vcr3r. cv...v everfvm ...........

I need to write.

Fuck this.

I need to write!!!!!!!!!!!

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