Tuesday, May 21, 2013

~~One Word~~

One word, one myth
One scar, one weakness
One thing to take me down
One thing to make me hurt
One light to chase
One light to blind
One darkness to fall in to
One darkness to give in to
One dream to wake from
One dream to long for
One wish to whisper
One wish to cry for
One thing
One four letter word:

Love, such a beauty
Love, such a good thing
So strong, so wondrous
Save me, please
Let me experience it
Let me chase it
You must let it go
You can't feel it
No, I can! Shut up
You're useless. I'm strong
I'm strong
No you're not.
I am.
You're just you--you don't deserve this
You're right.
I don't deserve to suffer
To be looked after, and kept safe
I don't deserve to be so weak
Weakness? Do you think you
Could actually be strong?
After everything?
Of course I can be strong.
I can stand on my own.
I WILL stand on my own.
I will earn pride in myself.
No more noble words
To mask weakness.

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