Wednesday, May 29, 2013

~~Fall Within~~

Are you ready to burn?
Are you ready to fight?
You've been avoiding it.
You've been pretending
It doesn't matter....
But I know you can hear me.
I know you're listening to me.
I know you know I'm here.
It's not like I ever left you....
I'm your Madness--your deeper sin!
Every bit of you that you hate
Rests within me....
I know you hear me.
False Angel, 'perfect girl'--
How much of a lie is that?
Broken girl.
Weak girl.
Cheating girl.
Childish girl.
Lying girl.
You're just a girl.
No one special....
You're just a girl, and I
I am you.
I am your darkness. I'm right here;
Waiting for you, my love.
Don't wait any more--you know
You want to see me again.
Let me hold you...
Let me love you....
I'm the one that will love you....
Even as you burn....
Even as you die....
I will NEVER let you go.
I know how much
You love to hear that.
So afraid.
You're so afraid of failure.
You don't trust anyone
Not to leave you, do you?
You don't believe
That they'll forgive you?
You don't believe
That they'll understand?
I think it's time
You admit that they don't matter.
You're just numb, and that's
Exactly how I like you.
My darling little fool.
Love me, accept me, understand me.....
I'll be the only one
Who will never go.
I'll be the only one
You can rely on
When your world burns.
So fall with me....
My hand's held out to you.
You're so close to me, my love....
Take my hand.

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