Tuesday, May 21, 2013

~~I WILL Be Proud~~

Ashamed no more, I must
Stand tall if I am to survive.
Broken down, and relying on many
For strength I ought to have myself--
That behavior can no longer be allowed.
Hurting Ian is not my best option;
Neither is hurting me.
He has suffered for me, and now
It is my turn to take the burden.
Heal, love, I'll be here
I'll be better when you return.
Heal, love, I'll watch for you
I'll be fine. I'll make you proud.
I'll make ME proud.
I have a long road, but I see the shore;
I can't swim, but there's a crossroad.
No more scars that can't be cleaned
No more scars that are my fault
No more.
I stand up now, and I'll be strong.
Ian....I do this for you.
I do this for me.
Maybe one day....
No...Not 'maybe.'
I WILL see you again.
I promise you that.
Just promise me you'll be strong when you come back....
Promise me we'll have learned.
Promise me....
I promise you I'll change
I promise I will keep you.
I promise I will earn you.
Please, come to me.
I adore thee.
I WILL deserve you....My love.

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