Thursday, May 16, 2013

~~Is It Sad?~~

Was I a fluke?
Looking at the internet today
So many girls
Who do what I did
They handle it fine--
Why didn't I?
Was I a fluke?
Was I a freak?
I can't find enjoyment
In being enjoyed by others
What part of me
Is different from them?
What part of me
Keeps me from being that?
What part of me
Is more sensitive than them?
I don't understand it
I can't comprehend it
Why does my world change?
Why does the rain burn?
Why do I keep asking
Questions I can't answer?
Why am I alone?
Why am I with him?
Why do....
Is it sad
That I can't breathe
When right now
I have everything
I could ever need?
Why am I so cold?
Why am I this?
There's no answer
And there never will be
Answers aren't what we need:
We need reasons
A cause to fight for
A wrong to right
We need to do something
We need to live.

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