Wednesday, May 29, 2013

~~Ah, the Fates~~

Ah, my life
How trustworthy and reliable
A pattern to be followed
A trend to be broken
A handful of friends
A broken batch of trust
Ah, how understandable
How usual it is
If only I could shatter it
Break out, and flee
Cheerfully and darkly
Burn it, burn it all
Consign the past to the flame
As I burn myself
Run flame across my skin
Cry out in agony, and peace
In delight and in cold
Forget it, and move on
My life, how glorious
Is my life
As the fates dance and mock
As I mock them
As I burn
How glorious, how glorious!
How glorious it is
To burn
To burn as the night falls
Burn as the day ends
Burn as the world finishes
And speaks to me:
"Young one, you dance
"Young one, you burn
"Young one, your life
"Is done."
How wondrous it would be
If I could end
But I cannot.
I must fight to be proud
Must fight to love
Must fight until I can rest
My goal's in sight, and I
As always
Remain my only obstacle.
I will find my way
To peace
No matter what the Fates
Demand of me.

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