Wednesday, May 15, 2013

~~Let Me Love~~

Hurt inside ((I'm sick of this))
I'll stand tall ((I can't do this))
I am brave ((Never been so scared))
I can make it ((Make it where?)

Make those doubts disappear
Make those hearts stop aching
Make those souls recreate
Make me love, make me
Make me love for once

I am strong ((I'm too hurt))
I am amazing ((I'm just me))
I deserve this ((What have I done?))
I am me ((I'm just a fake))

Make those lies disappear
Make me feel better
Make my tears dry
Make me smile, make me
Make me smile truly for once

I'm alright ((I can't breathe))
I'm not alone ((I'm so lonely))
I'm with him ((He's so far away))
I know what I'm doing ((I don't know a thing))

Make me know what's right
Make me believe your words
Make me know this is real
Make me believe I do love
I do love, I do love you....

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