Wednesday, May 15, 2013

~~Acrostic Continued~~


I wish I could say

How unique you are, by saying
Everything I knew you would:
"Alex, you're amazing. You make me
"Really proud of you
"Don't underestimate yourself!"

I wish I could say
That I haven't heard it before

All the things you say, I heard it all before
Let me go; sometimes it hurts to know how much
Love there is for me.


Interestingly enough, I do feel alive
Never really understood my issues
Somehow, though, I feel alright
Inside me, there's still life
Deep down, where no one goes, is where
Enchanted gates keep the numbness locked away

Mirages of life flicker from in the gates
Yet, I'll never open them

Somehow I know, that if I did
On the day that I did
Understanding of the world would flicker away
Letting the darkness back in

If that ever occurred, I'd never live
Sealed away for good, but how

Attractive a fate that is at times

Death, beautiful and cold. Flowing
Over me like flame and fire and ice
Opening my  eyes and leaving them open as
Reason flashes away

Taking me away with it
Old scars fading before bleeding once more

Doubt boiling and blasting, before disappearing
In a flash of brilliant light
Sin and sadism, my new vocations
Activities I'll always follow
Personal thoughts and
Personal space no longer matter, as
Even as I die inside
All inhibitions dissipate and allow
Reality and fears to fade
Inside, I'll be free, but
Never doubt there will always be
Guilt for leaving you behind


Lovers, bitter and beautiful
Understanding, cold and gentle
No; let not those two mix
Agony is all we ought to know--
Crashes and flashes of madness are all we have
Yearning for better, unbitter, days


Glorious love, glorious light
Into you I fade away
Victory right before me
Eternity awaiting us

My heart and soul heal and mend
East-bound wind warm our frozen hearts

Yearning hearts, clasped and bound, become
One as the night slowly gives way to day
Under a brilliant red dawn, let us dance
Race across mountains, hand in hand

Love and tenderness are finally found
In each other, we find peace
Grace and gentleness float from heart to
Heart, as we finally find out the
Truth: We were meant to be.


Darkness inside, the world gives no mercy
Eternity of agony, always fading
Shadows dance and crawl, before suddenly
Ethereal light begins to shimmer on the horizon
Rays of sun soon break through shadow
'Venturous hearts soon travel once more
Into the dawn, they walk and meet together
Names and words leap from lips
Glory begins to show, as healing begins.


Soon, soon we'll find each
Other on the horizon
Meeting will occur, and all the maybe's fade
Every bit of doubt disappear
Hope, so often a burden, be rewarded
Obscenities often uttered, removed from vocabulary
Wondrous eyes meeting

Wandering hearts
Each and every bit of pain fading onto the distant

Horizon; joy and light
Accepting us into their number
Peace flooding within, as
Peace is revenged
Eternity awaits
Never letting the other go
Even though there's pain
Death won't keep us apart


But, I know we'll see each other
Again quite soon
Bitterness and distance won't keep me from
You, the one I know I love. I

Opened my heart to you, and let you see the
Hope that's kept me going so long

Broken shards of me, you
Accept them and piece them
Back together, whole once more
Yesterday's feelings fade away

I just miss you a lot, is all

Maybe's, in their numbers, don't go easily
I know I shouldn't doubt, but yet
So many of these other voices won't
Shush and leave me be

You understand, don't you? How hard it is to go
On when there's nothing certain?
Understand how I feel? Of course you do....It's you.

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