Tuesday, May 14, 2013

~~It Was Worth It~~

I'm scared and I'm afraid
I'm dead and it's all a lie
I'm alone and no one's there
Even though I hear their voices
No hands reach back to mine

I'm scared and I'm crying
I'm dead and I'm screaming
I'm alone and...you're there
I can hear your voice
And your hand is in mine

I'm scared and you're holding me
I'm dead and you're kissing me
I'm alone and never alone again
I can hold you close
I can feel alive with you

It was worth it, by the gods
All the screams and all the pain
It was worth it, I can't believe it
All the darkness and all the hell
It was truly worth it

I know I've suffered, but now I'm here
I know I've died, but here I'm alive
I know I've wept, but you dry my tears
I know I've lied, but you make me true
I know I've feared, but you keep me safe

Even though the journey's been long
Even though I regret so much
You make me proud to say I'm here
You make me proud to be who I am
You make me happy, to have come so far

Even though I can't rest yet
One day, soon, we can sleep
In each other's arms, finally at peace
We will rest, we will be safe
And all of our pain

Every inch of our paths
Every final drop of our tears
Every bit of ash
Every drop of rain
Every scar

It will be worth it
It's worth it now
To be able to say I've found you
Stumbling and scrambling
Desperate and diseased

I've finally come home
Home to where you wait
Video games and tea
Dark chocolate and red pepper
Warm hugs, and soft kisses

Thank you for being there
Thank you for letting me in
I'm proud of where we are
I'm proud of who you are
I'm proud of us

So broken, but yet so alive
Mercy, mercy, others would have died
Mercy, mercy--we need none
Stronger together, we are made
Invincible by our bond

Unending, infinity, eternity
Endlessly, I'll wait. Endlessly, I'll love
I'll let you in, I swear I will
Just keep me safe, and I'll give you the key
Let's live together, travel together....Let's go.

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