Thursday, May 2, 2013

~~Creative Ice~~

Sometimes, my blood boils
Sometimes, the rain falls down
Sometimes, my icy tears
Drip down and form stones

Sometimes, I drop down
From a creative high
I toodle off to bed
Living in my head

Sometimes, I can't breathe
Without the words right there
Sometimes, I can't breathe
When no one really cares

Sometimes, I just want
To turn off all the sound
Black out all the light
And let the rain drip

Drip down on me
I want the rain
I want the rain, I want the rain
To wash away my world

Sometimes, everything is fine
Sometimes, nothing is alright
Sometimes, I'm burned alive
But other times, it's creative ice

Right now, though
The world burns me away
Right now, though
Nothing is wrong

Right now, though
I'm tapping away at the keyboard
Listening to my inner song....

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