Sunday, May 26, 2013

~~Anime North: HOLY HELL~~




How do I..even begin this post? This was just..ridiculous. It doesn't feel real. It cannot have been real.

Okay, so let's start off by breaking this thing off into sections: Pre-Anime North, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Post-Anime North.

What this post will be is just...memories and descriptions of everything that has happened to just try and capture the scope of my very first event at Anime North. It amazing. So, if you're not interested in the happy stuff and just read my blog for the drama, then this ain't the post for you.

Welcome to my happiness.

By the way, most of this might not be finished tonight. I am really tired.


I absolutely adore her, but Sun-Jung and I cannot plan. We don't do that well. So, the day before--this was Thursday, by the way--we agreed we would leave school right after second period. Second period is math, and that ends at 10:40. And the opening ceremony was at 4 o'clock. It's a four-hour drive. So, we DID end up getting there early but oh my god it was marvellous.

Okay, well the night of Thursday ((strange way of saying that, I know, but I'm still so out of it that I really don't care any more so SUCK IT I HAVE CAT EARS ON)) and I needed to hear back from my girl about leaving school early tomorrow. And she didn't call me back. Or email me back. Or text me back. And you KNOW me, guys, I worry. I worry a lot. Well, she DID call back like..eventually, and she had freaked out because she saw ME freaking out and didn't know why but it was okay because hey she had talked to her parents and it was all cool.

Okay, and then it was bedtime and I was so insanely awake all night. I sucked at sleeping. It really was a long night....I was so excited!!!!!

And then it was the day of. I went in the base of my cosplay--black button down short, grey pants, and black three inch heeled boots. I also had black leather gloves on, and I had a shiny orange-ish scarf tucked into my shirt...I looked like a gentleman, actually. Well....Yeah, posts of my cosplay will arrive..sometime, yeah. I'm too tired to care right now.

Okay, well.....And then it was the end of class and we went driving.

The entire four hour drive was like..a dream. We were planning and talking and oh my god you have no idea what to expect. You don't know what will happen. You don't know how. You don't...know. It's just SO HUGE!!!!

And then...


The opening ceremony.

We eventually found our way there just by following the cosplayers. And there were so many cosplayers. Just so many cosplayers. So many people from different animes--and there was millions of Homestuck characters, holy fudge god--and the opening ceremony was in a truly huge room in the Double Tree Hotel. Most of the events were either at Double Tree Hotel or at the Toronto Congress Centre, and they were across the street from each other so it was like really nice. The opening ceremony room was a truly massive auditorium with a stage at the far end, and massive chandeliers. It was so crowded that Sun-Jung and I--who got there pretty early actually--didn't even get seats. But that was actually pretty okay. We didn't stay for the entire time--we saw the opening act which was traditional Japanese drummers.

They played a set of three songs, and I'm trying to find their name right now...I can't remember who they were! But they were incredibly cool.

And then it was the introductions. We found the girl with the most adorable voice ever--her name was Eriko Nakamura She was so freaking adorable! The first time she spoke, there was absolute silence and then a collective "AWWWWWWWWW!" I just wanted to hug her so much....

There was J. Michael Tatum--who voiced Sebastian from the English version of Black Butler. Okay. EVERYONE just flipped out over him! Screams and laughs and ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG he's awesome!

It was just amazing.

He was so...much hotter than I thought he would be. Google him! DOO EEEEEEEEETTT NAAAAAOOOO!



Of course there were other people like John Swasey and yada yada yada but we got like..really bored. So then we left and ended up catching the last fifteen minutes of a Les Miserables panel. It was really cool! There was around four people running it and around twenty people in the audience and they all just ended up singing. They sang One Day More, On My Own, and I more song? Oh god, it was amazing! V from V for Vendetta actually was dragged up there and sang with them. When they did On My Own, V went down on his knees like he was insanely sad and people patted his head...D'awww it was so cute!


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