Wednesday, May 15, 2013

~~Acrostic Assortment~~


Beautiful, beautiful bitterness
Righteous suicide, addictive tears: Flow
Over me and drown me
Keep me locked inside my sorrow
End my life with your beautiful knife
Never let me go; never let me go!

No, no I want to be free!
Open the door and let me run!

My heart and soul: I sacrificed them at your
Orders given, so long ago. Please let me
Right this wrong, let me
Enter the world again.....


Love, I'm sick of you
End this bitter game
Tempt me no more, release my brain

My heart is broken now. It's not
Easily repaired, so

Let me go, I scream
I can't let you in
Viciously I'll escape
Ending up alone....


I know it's hard to say

Maybe harder to see, but
I am doing fine
God knows I've been through worse
Here and now, it's not hell
There's some light now

Broken still, but I know
Maybe one day, I'll heal

Open up my heart again
Keep myself alive
And then I will find my way to
You, my one and only love.


Save me, now I scream
I can't let this happen
Make the world fade away
Please, just take me away
Let me go, and let me run. Don't
End up leaving me alone
Realize I can't go on my own

Take me with you, we need it
I deserve you, I deserve
My good times, my happy times
Easier days and happier nights
Save me from this hell, I need you now....


Bitterness is alright
Ending up alone is not
Ancient agonies have to fade
Understanding is all you need
Take away the darkness, replace
It with shining light
Fill me up inside
Undermine my idiocies
Let me live, and let me love

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