Tuesday, April 30, 2013

~~A Ramble for Old Time's Sake: Life Post~~

Things are functioning as expected. Even though I do not have my laptop, I managed to overcome that and whip out a truly awesome presentation for my English class. Mythology rules!

How did I do that, exactly? I did what I'm doing as we speak: Actually used one of the big hulking computers. I don't like this keyboard. I have small hands and larger keys mess up all my typing skills. I don't like this at all!

But, yet, I will suffer through it for you, my much-neglected blog!

Please don't forget me viewers....I exist I swear!

I'm not entirely sure what I want to say to you, dearhearts. I could ramble on as I so often do. I could talk about how Ted has gotten his phone back. I could talk to you about how much I miss Ian now that I can't talk to him all the time. I could talk to you about how much I hate not having my laptop. I could talk about how glad I am to have a friend like Hugo. And Austin's pretty great, too. I could explain how I live without my laptop. I could ramble about how much I'm glad I don't have to rely on people sometimes. I could talk about my gift for Ian.

Shall I go over all these things? Yes, I believe I shall.

So, yes. As I MAY have mentioned before--my memory sucks, and I'm sure that you know this by this stage of the game--Ted has gotten his cellphone back. There's a variety of ways I could react to this. I could be all happy because, hey, no more three-calls-a-day minimum....Or I could be even more annoyed because suddenly the differences in our communication levels are once again made clear. How AM I reacting? Kinda a mix between the two....I'm happy to not have to listen to him every day, but it sucks that now it's even harder to get rid of him. But at least I can ignore a text....

I miss Ian right now. I hate not being able to talk to him every moment of every day. I hate not being able to hear his voice, or talk to him. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.....

I also hate not having my laptop. Actually, I hate it less than you think. Even though it's annoying, it's only bad in school. At home, it's FREEING! Last night, I made no less than TEN bookmarks! WHOO!!!! It's actually pretty good for me. I can't do much, so now I can do everything else--if that..makes sense. It doesn't, but I'd like to believe it did. But....At school, it drives me loco. I feel useless because I can't do anything, or a burden to my friends because I have to keep asking to borrow theirs.

Ahem, so why am I glad to have a friend like Hugo? He is a real sweetheart. He looks after me, loves me...He makes sure I'm okay, WITHOUT ever putting the moves on me like other people would. I like this. He's older than I am by a lot, but we have a connection that I believe will be incredibly tough to break. He listens, he cares....And don't think that this is a one-sided thing. In this friendship, we're equals. I'm glad he's here. I'm glad he knows me.

Well, what about Austin? Why is HE earning a place in this post? Because he's awesome, knuckleheads. He asks me billions of questions, he's proud of me, and he gets it. Even though he, too, is older than me we click. I like older people. They get it more than people my age do. He recently downloaded Whatsapp for me, which means that we can now text for free--as long as there's internet. Yeah, my friends are awesome.

How do I live without my laptop? Simple! I rely on OTHER technology! Like, right now I'm on a family computer. I browse Reddit on my phone and I found an app that lets me post to my blog from my phone. So, all in all, not too much changed. I'll be fine, dearhearts.

I don't like relying on people at all. I don't like people. They tend to not do their jobs, or not be able to do something. I like knowing when I can win or lose, based off of my own power. If I can't do it on my own, then it shouldn't be done. I know that's kind of...selfish and cynical, but it's true. I don't like people, my darlings. I never really did.

So, what IS my gift for Ian? It's a USB filled with our songs and Creepy pastas. And a picture of me when I was six....Why? Because I love him and I miss him. I am adorable, jackasses!


Yeah, yeah Imma end this here.

I love you all!!!!!!!

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