Tuesday, May 14, 2013

~~Normal Days, Darker Haze~~

Everything seems to drift away
As hard as I cling to you
I feel you pull away
As hard as I try
I feel myself push you away

I cling to you, cling to myself
Try to recall what I've been fighting for
Try to remember just what mattered
In the days when it doesn't matter
When it doesn't matter at all

I push myself down and stamp out
Every thought of leaving you behind
I whine and I whimper, trying not
To let the worry take over my mind
But it's far too late

I don't know why I'm so numb
I don't know why I'm so scared
I try so hard, but you're not really there
You feel so much that I can't share
And it's killing me inside

Even though my life has lessened
Even though my pain has gone
I still hide and I still scream
For the more that I relax
The more I'll fall at night

I don't want you to think that
I don't love you as much as I say
I don't want you to feel that
I am lying to you again
I want you to know

That I'm trying so damn hard
To make it out alive
I'm trying so damn hard
To let you in to where I can't shine
I'm trying to break down my walls

But every step that I take
Just makes me hurt more and more
But every movement that I make
Makes me worry that I'll regret it
But if love is blind

Then so am I
I'll love you til I die, and I
Will make it seem that we are true
I will love you til I die
And baby it's all for you

I don't care if it makes me hurt
I don't care if it makes me sad
I just want to love you
Until the day I die, so won't you
Keep me by your side?

Broken, but beautiful
Struggling, but oh so free?
Hurt and broken, but just wanting
To be your girl
Please, let me marry you....

Even as I fade, won't you
Keep me close by your side?
Won't you kiss me, tell me you love me?
Won't you make it all seem right?
I know you will....I know you will.....

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