Wednesday, May 29, 2013

~~Shut Up~~

You say that I'm just a girl?
You say that I don't care?
You say that I am numb?
How dare you, how dare you!
You wouldn't live if not for me.
You wouldn't scream if not for me.
You wouldn't exist if not for me.
Shut up, shut up, shut up--you need me!
You're the one I'll run from.
You're the one I will end.
You're the one I'm fighting now--
So get out of my sight!
I'm just a kid, that much is true.
God knows I say that
As much as you.
But just because I'm young
Doesn't mean
I'm not strong.
I'll be the one to kick your ass.
I'll be the one to burn you down.
Back off, you don't want to fight
Someone who's lost it all!
I'm not the one who will fall.
I'm not the one who will end.
I'm not the one who will give in.
I am the one who will win.
Back off, shut up--you're not me.
Madness, dark one--you're not me.
I am so much more than you.
I'm in control, not you.
I've had you here my whole life.
Sure we've danced, but that's not right.
We'll never dance again, this game is done!
Shut up darkness, let me be.
I'm a kid, and this is me.
I am beautiful and I am amazing.
I don't care what you say--I've earned
A right to peace!
And peace is not what I'll get
If I let you take me down.
So please understand me when I say:
I don't need you any more!
I've gotten so far now, so much more than you.
I've lived my life without you.
I don't need you. You're not my strength.
To put it simply, you're not me!
I'm everything, and you are nothing.
Understand that, and be quiet.
I will watch you burn.
I will win.

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