Tuesday, May 14, 2013

~~You Aren't Mine~~

Don't say you love me
Don't say you need me
Don't hold me close
Don't tell me you'll never go

As beautiful as your promises are
They'll hurt me; I know they will
Even though, with you, I feel safe
That doesn't mean I won't regret it later

I don't want love, please
I have the man I need
I don't want that much care, please
I've got the one I need

Please, don't whisper to me
Don't pull me into your arms
As much as you find solace in me
I'm not your girl

Friendship is all we'll have
Please, remember that when I curl into you
Please, don't let me get close
I can't be hurt again

I know I'm so beautiful
I know I'm so perfect
I know I'm so kind
I know I'm so fun to cuddle

But I also know I'm dying inside
I also know I'm scared
I also know it hurts at night
When I'm on my own

I know I reach to you
And let me take hold of you, please
But I need you to never
Hurt me....I can't be hurt again

I'm just a child, no matter
What I've gone through
I'm still five years younger
No matter how old I act

Please, take care of me
Treat me with intelligence, and don't
Fall for me; for if you do
I'll be hurt, and I can't let that happen

This will be the last time
I will ever be hurt
This will be the last time
I will ever get close

 I can't trust any more; your intentions
I know they are good
But I still can't trust you, still can't let
You where I let him walk

I can't let you touch
The secret part of me
I can't let you past
The wall that's always there

I can't let you go
Where he belongs
I can't let you in; into
Into my heart....

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