Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Please….Forgive me now

I'm burning

Please….Forgive me now

I swear I'm learning

Please, don't abandon me now

I'll make you proud!

I'll make it worth it!

Don't…suffer for me

Don't hurt for me


I know I'm broken

But that's no excuse

I'm strong, and that is all

I need to know

I need to be strong

I need to be good

I need to fight this

Or I will never win

I'm broken now, so please

Understand me…..

I love you.

I need you.

I can't control this any more

I can't handle this any more

I can't do this any more

I can't….

Forgive me!

I will

Don't worry….

I'll give you all of me

If you will have me….

You love me

I need to remember….

I need to remember

That you love me….

I need to stop forgetting

I need to stop fading

I need to stop hiding

I love you

That's all I need to know

That's all I need….

I'm sorry.

I need to be strong—

I WILL be strong

I adore you

I'll be okay

I need you….

Don't forget me now

Don't give up on me now

Please….I promise you

I will make you proud

I'll listen and I'll grow

Just don't leave me alone….

Give me something to chase

Give me something to fight

I need to know

That there's a reason

I need to know

That you will wait for me.

Please….Wait for me.

Please love me.

I'll make it worth it.

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