Tuesday, May 14, 2013

~~I Might (Not) Leave~~

I'm not sure how much longer
I can stand it here
I'm not sure how much more
I can really take

I want so bad to stay
But there's too much loneliness
I want so bad to tough it out
But I ain't that strong

I want to be stronger
To make this last
But I don't think I can even try
To stay longer than I have

But, no, that's wrong
I can make it, right?
No one is stronger than me
No one is better than me

I can tough it out
I can make it through the night
There's an end, there's a brightness
There's something to chase

I can make it through the nightmares
I can make it through the haze
I can let it burn me down
For I'll just get back up

I won't die, and I won't give in
That's how I've been living for so long
I'm not going to give up
Just because of heartache

It's not the end
It's not goodbye
I'm not leaving
I'm right here, until I die

Don't worry, and don't you fear
I am staying right here
I'll give you my word if it helps:
I'm here until I die

Sure, things will be hard
And sure we'll grow up
Sure there will be doubts
But it'll be worth it in the end

I won't regret it
I won't examine it
It is what it is
And it's real

My friends, hold on to me
You know how much I hurt
My loves, take care of me
You know how hard it is

Don't abandon me now
Just because I doubt
Don't abandon me now
Because I need you with me

I'm far gone, but I'll
Be on my way back soon
I just need to breathe
I just need to breathe.....

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