Wednesday, May 29, 2013

~~For Me~~

Selfless all my life
Not able to say no;
Dozens of little lies
Just to keep up
A good show.
Giving it all just
To make another smile;
God knows I can't take this.
No, I couldn't take this
For a while.
I think it's time I rest.
I think it's time I recover.
There's places I must be.
People I must see.
It's time I take some time
To breathe.
All these things I've done....
These battles lost and won....
Don't you think it's time
I took some time to live?
Haven't I made you proud?
Haven't I done enough for you?
I've been trying oh-so-hard
I've been falling for you
I know I've made mistakes
But doesn't that just mean
We're okay?
I'm human....
I am human....
And I need a break.
I need my time to breathe.
My love.....
It's time I live for me.
It all comes down
To loving myself.
It all comes down
To loving me.
It all comes down
To valuing myself.
Self worth is what I need.
I want to get better.....
I want to get well....
I want to love....
I want to be happy.....
I want to be beautiful....
I want to be yours.....
I'll be okay.
I'll be okay....
I love you.
I need to love me.

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