Thursday, May 2, 2013

~~Sometimes, I Don't Believe~~

You know what? It's time for a
Quick confession on this blog of truths
It's time I came clean about something
Sometimes, I don't believe I'm....

Sane. I don't believe I'm sane
I lost it all, including my brain
I watched my world burn again and again
And I really don't know when

I'll lose it all again
My heart races now, clinging to life
If I keep on balancing
Won't I be cut by the knife?

If I plummet off the edge
Will anybody catch me?
If I fall into the ocean
Will the rocks be there to greet me?

With their familiar faces
Familiar voices
Hateful glances
And endless choices

Will they be there to greet me?
Will they be there to make me?
All the people I left behind?
All the people I hurt and ran from?

Will they be there to greet me
If I can no longer run away
All the anchors of yesterday
Will keep me from drifting away

On tomorrow's gloomier seas
I know I'll make it, but I
Don't wanna run any more...

Will they be there to greet me?
Do they realize I don't believe
How sane I am?
Do they realize I don't feel

Like I can go on for much longer....
Do they realize I'm burning out
That all the emotions I'm churning out
Will one day make me greet them?

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