Monday, May 27, 2013


Alright guys, I'd like y'all to follow a link for me. You know me--I usually have the fancy colored text that you can click on, but unfortunately I'm in school right now, Youtube is blocked, and so is Youtube. So HERE! Or maybe..... [here!](‎)

Alright dudes, I've got no clue if that worked or not but have at it!

Well, dudes, that song there is currently the one thing that keeps my mind working right now. Keeps me able to function. Anime North was absolutely incredible, but the transition back to normal is kinda kicking my ass. Tonight, though, Imma play some Blaz Blue and hopefully keep working on that blog post for y'all. And also for myself--I want to remember that amazing weekend.

I saw Slenderman hug Jesus, ya bastards.

Okay, so I basically didn't bother doing the math work and right now Raphael has me practising writing in Angelican. Long, slow process....But worth it. I'm starting to recognize some of the symbols. It's an alphabet, with a set of prefixes and suffixes that act as--in the case of prefixes--adjectives/adverbs, and--in the case of suffixes--part of a title. The grammar has the same laws as English, which makes things a heck of a lot easier. Basically, if you want a word in Angelican, just write out the English word using Angelican symbols.

When I can, I'll upload a basic dictionary. Yes, there are actually several terms/words in Angelican that aren't just the English word. For example, the word Shaxevrexa in Angelican is the Higher Term for a variety of things--Hell, Death, Darkness, Sin, Hatred, Annihilation....

Okay, what I'll do is I'll find a notebook and start doing these translations daily, upload the English poem and a photo of the Angelica one, and that'll be that.

It's going to take a loooong time...

Here's what he's making me do today:


One small seed
One drop of rain
One storm
One disease

One stroke of luck
One bitter scream
One tear drop
One blood bond

Two skies
Two doors
Two fates
Two deaths

One, one only
One unique seedling
One world of choice
No meaning

Well, I'll show that to y'all later. I'm going to go home....

See you!

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