Friday, May 10, 2013



Guess who has their laptop back!!!

Me, of course. Which means I'm back to most likely posting every day during English class--which means life is all normal again.

That was probably the longest time period I have ever gone without any real contact to my blog.

I apologize for that, my loves....

How are y'all?

How've ya been?

Okay, seeing as no one ever actually answers when I ask that, I might as well just go over how *I* am.

And I have been AWESOME! Ian got his internet back, we managed our first phone call, we found a way to text completely free, Hugo is just plain amusing to talk to, and I absolutely adore my friends! There's been the usual--albeit rare--hitches, but all of that doesn't actually matter.

What matters is that I'm doing really well right now.

And I am really damn happy to be feeling that way.

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