Monday, May 20, 2013

~~Confession: Poem and Post~~

Love....I don't know it
It's dark and soft--right?
It's..chains and whips
Domination and submission
No, no that's not it
Love...What is it?
I don't understand it
Is it sacrifice?
Is it pain?
Well, if it's pain
Then I feel it a lot
If it's sacrifice....
Then I don't know
I don't know.

Ian, it's....Time I was level with you. World, it's time I did the same.

I'm....I've been weak.

I've leaned on Ian for far too long. Leaned on my friends. I was weak. I took advantage.

Now...Now I can't do that.

Alright, so....I need to learn how to be alone again. Be self-sufficient again. Remember he's hurting just as much as me. Be less selfish. Paint myself into the role of a victim less.



We have big words.

We have little words.

What we DO NOT have is an actual PLAN.

To quote Ian's immortal phrase: Stop and think.

I'll do whatever it takes to get you back and to fix my life. I'll run to you Ian....Just you wait.

Just you wait...

I'll make you proud.

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