Thursday, January 31, 2013


I used to think I liked it
A tinge of cruelty melded with gentleness

I used to think I preferred it
Feeling owned instead

Of clinging to tattered ownership

But now, I think I've changed
I want to feel loved
I know what pain feels like
And I don't feel pleasure any more
I want to feel loved.

Is that so wrong?
To want to now be an equal?
Be...Be at the same level
The ones I love are at
Not sitting at their feet

I want to be held tight
And comforted
Not like I'm just a toy
I don't want that any more
Are there any complaints?

I hope not
If you care about me
Like you say I do
Then you'll understand
And let me grow

I can't stay that way
Not the girl I used to be
I want to grow, I want to heal
Is that honestly so wrong?
Is it so wrong to want to be free?

I hope it's not
Because right now I think I've found someone
I think I've found someone good to me
Who will always good to me
And will never cause me pain

God I hope I'm right
Because I'm putting my trust in him
I want to be with him
And...And if he wants to be with me
Then I'll be with him, and no one else.

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