Sunday, January 27, 2013

~~It's Finally the End~~

I ran so hard
To try and flee
I always returned
Until now

I wept so much
Over what I did to you
Never realizing
What you were doing to me

My childhood you stole
My innocence you corrupted
The girl I used to be
Became nothing more than a memory

Your lies and wandering hands
Would always pull me close

Believing it was love
I would never fight

Praying to god it would be enough
I gave to you everything I could
Knowing that I would fail you
How often I would hate myself

You gave me everything
Or at least said you did
To you, I traded my body
For even the hope of love

And love you gave me
Or, at least, I thought you did
I thought you adored me
And would marry me

I remember so well

How many times you chose me
Over everything else

I even remember your reactions

To every little false confession
I would make, in hopes
To even the scores between us
I lost everything, in return for you

My pride a memory
I still wept over us

My innocence a black stain
I still longed for you

But now, I see the truth
It's over now, always has been
You never cared about me, did you?
And even if you did

You were married the entire time
Adam, you always lied
And you never cared....
You never cared

About the girl who you shattered
Who you made into a whore
Whose self esteem is still so low
And who may never recover

You were ten years my senior
And you always said I was so mature
No matter what I did
I was always an equal to you

But I guess I really wasn't
You played me like you would a game
Made me into who you wanted
Who you said you needed

I'm done....Please god I am done
I'm free from you, Adam.
I'm free
Wherever you go, good luck.

Just stay away from me
I'm done with this
No more goodbyes
It's finally the end.

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