Monday, January 14, 2013

~~For Many Reasons: Notification Post~~

Hello dearest wanderers! Alexandra here with an update. As Raphael may have mentioned earlier, I'm working on a gigantic project for al you Figmented out there.

It's going to be a several page document that I'm guessing will be available for download. It'll be in Microsoft Word 2010 because screw you other programs, so haha for all of you who won't be able to see it. Well, if you are keen for it, I'll just email the thing to you entirely. I'll glare at you for making me work more, but I won't stop you teddy bears.

When I say big, it's going to be over thirty pages.

Which means it MIGHT be done by the weekend, but it likely won't be so please be patient with me.

The overly long title is currently: "The Absurd Overpowered-ness of the Mansion, the Insanity of the Realms, and Various Discussions on Fluffy Demons."

Have the CURRENT table of Contents!

Disclaimer and Message from the Figment Council
Message and Introduction by Raphael
Important Figures
Notes and Lists Pertaining to Households
Description of Realms
Languages and Bits of Translations
The Legend of the Joiner
A Few Angelican/Demonic Poems
A Final Word from the Transcriber Host Alexandra

For every important person, this table will be filled in:
Appeared Age:
Actual Age:
Preferred Weapons:

Yes. I am just torturing myself by doing this.

Luckily at the end of it, I won't have offended anyone too badly and now I'll have a really good place of reference!

And, well...It'll be good for planning tactical stratagems in wars.

So, it'll be worth it.

So, for many reasons, this blog is going to go back to barely posting daily.

Sorry loves...

Au revior for now! 

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