Tuesday, January 29, 2013

~~One Day.....~~

One day I'll be fine
One day it won't be an exaggeration
One day I'll be wed
And one day I won't wish I was dead

One day I trust I'll be fine
Because I do trust you

I do truly trust you
With every part of me

One day, you can hold me
And the world will fade for a while
And the while will be enough
Because I know I can sleep

Held so close in your arms
Listening to your heartbeat
As a single tear falls from your eye
And joins the tear I cry

Every shattered part of me
Every broken dagger of guilt
And every mark of my past
Is a part of me you love

How can I earn that?
How do I want that?
Sometimes I fear
What I want so much....

I want you
Nothing but you
Right here with me
In a way that I can sense

Wherever you are, do you feel
How much my heart aches?

I miss you so much
Waiting every moment

Wanting you to be here
And hold me close
I know I'll need to wait
But....I don't want to wait

I just want you....
I just need you
I know we say "One day."
I know we wait

But is it wrong to want
That one day
To just...
Become today?

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