Saturday, January 19, 2013

~~Where Do I Go?~~

I feel like running once again
I can't stop my heart from racing
I want to go but who knows when
It'll be easy sailing?

Every bit of me hurts
From all the running I've done
The rain pours down in brief spurts
Failing to wash away the burns of the sun

No matter where I go
Can I ever escape it?
No, I guess I never will be able to let go
Of the remnants I keep of it

Of our time together, so long before now
Oh god, I can't forget this at all
Please someone just tell me how
How do I run before I fall?

Curling here, a stuffed toy
Pressed against a slowing heart
I think of all the joy
And try not to start

Crying once again for us
For all the pain
All the misplaced trust
Wishing I could see you again

Oh god, Adam why
Why do I still wish you were here
Why do I wish I could call you back with a cry
Instead of being filled with so much fear

Fear that you are gone

And I'll never again see you smile
I wish I could bring you back home
I'd give anything just to spend a while

Curled back up with you
Talking and laughing like we did before
I'd tell you about how I play Magic, and I know you
Would come barrelling down the door

Just to see me again....To see me smile, hear me laugh
I know you miss that, too

I still feel your ghostly touch
I would love to ask you

If you feel mine?
Do you feel my lips
Brush yours, tears a ghostly shine
Across my lips?

I hope you do
Because in the end I really miss you
And no matter where I go, I can't find you
Won't you let me run back to you....?

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