Tuesday, January 29, 2013

~~An Honest Attempt~~

This life I lead
Is heartless and cold

No, I can't do this any more
I'm done pretending

But it's the life I chose
With all my mistakes

I never did anything wrong
I never wanted this

If I had never changed my mind
I know I would have done better

I chose wrong, so I changed
And tried to make life better

Life is cold
Life is empty

There's love in this world
I need to remember that

Whenever things change
I always can't adapt

I can change if I have to
Given the chance, I can recover

There's no time any more
The door is closed

It's never going to be over
Always a tomorrow

I've forgotten how to smile
It feels like a mask

I can laugh just fine
Even though it feels a little odd

I can't do this, I'm leaving
I'm breaking my promises

I'm never going to leave
Because I can never be alone.

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