Friday, January 4, 2013

~~Story of the World~~

In all the worlds
In all the Realms
The stories are the same:
Love once
Love twice
And always love again

There's a plan behind every meeting
A story behind every tear
A rhyme to every song
And a reason to every life
The plan may be unknown
But, in the end, it cannot go wrong

Never weep, for you will not see
The brightness in front of you
Waiting for your hand
I know it hurts
Trust me I've seen
How it feels when no one understands

There's a plan though, okay?
And I don't know its goal
Nor do I understand who made it
But trust me when I say
That you will be okay
And enter a room, brightly lit

I know more than most
How much love can hurt
Cupid's arrows are more like a dart
A dart tipped with poison
But also with light
That can hopefully heal a shattered heart

I can't explain how I know
That all of us have a reason for life
Just a feeling I've got
A thought in the back of my mind
Stick around and you'll see
The truth of the world God seems to have forgot.....

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