Tuesday, January 15, 2013

~~Such a Little Girl~~

You seem so young
To have done so much
You've walked the earth
And fallen off its edge
At fifteen years, you've done more
Than I ever could have dreamed

But believe you me
That doesn't mean
You're ready for all of this yet
Slow down child, slow down
There's time for it yet
Believe you me, the world won't end

I won't let it end for you
I won't take away your light
I will defend you to the end
If you will only smile--
Whenever I hold you close
I know I feel you shiver

Please don't ever hide from me
I know you know I can see
I can see the tears in your eyes
And what hides behind your strength
I know it's just a mask
A mask I wish I could remove

You would shine so bright
If I could take away the parts of you
That seek to hide your light
If only I could
Show you what I see in you
But yet I know....

I know one day you'll shine
Live up to your potential
And stop pretending you're less
Than what you know you are
I know one day you'll see
What shines so bright in you

You, my dearest daughter
The firefly that flickers
The shattered Angel that will one day fly
The girl who plays Minecraft
And would die to see her friends smile

One day, you will hear me say
As tears run down my face
How proud I am of you
For everything you've done
Every battle you've won
And every pain you endured

For now, just remain
Secure in the knowledge that within you lies
A light brighter than the sun
A light that will never fade
A light that causes so many to love you
Because, in the end, you are my daughter.

~~Written by Raphael.

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