Tuesday, January 1, 2013

~~I Could Write You A Love Story~~

I could write a story, a tale so true
Would you like that to be
The offering I leave on the headstone
That marks the grave of you?

I could write you a poem
A tale of time gone by
I don't know if you'd like it
Seeing as its drenched in sea foam

I could slit my wrist
And let the blood pool
Into your sardonic smiling skull
In revenge for the lips you'd kissed

I could sing a sad sad song
I bet I could make you cry
I could dedicate it to your lies
And everything you've done wrong

I could whisper your name to the blowing air
And the feeling inside my voice
Would be how I really feel:
Wishing you were there

I could do a million things for you
But none would do you justice
Such a hatred, such a love
And all of it is true

I could die for you, if you wished it
Even though I doubt it would matter now
I would leap off a cliff if you said my name
Damn this love, never should have trusted it....

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