Saturday, January 19, 2013

~~For Love~~

Seems like I'm determined
After all the dark has passed
To grab on tight and stay alive
Despite the ending dark
Am I ready for it?
I'll be okay, right?
I know it will hurt
But is it a pain I'm used to?
At least right now
I know it's worth it, right?
As Stepha gets better
So do I
And as I get better
So does my life
I don't regret anything
But, remember, I still
I still miss Adam....
How long has it been
Since we last spoke?
A very long time...
Far, far too long
If I could
I might still run back
If only to make sure
He still lived
I'm scared he killed himself
Over me....
Egotistical but possible, knowing how
People tend to act around me when in love
This poem really isn't the best
But I'm not done it yet
Maybe I'll find
A single gem
And find this one deserving
Of something like a title "For Love"
For love it is, for love it was
And for love that never will be
The end of you, the end of me
The broken heart and the loveless three

Lust, Love, and Heartbreak
A three-eyed monster

Always following
And always hunting....

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