Wednesday, January 2, 2013

~~Not Going Down Tonight~~

Fuck this.
Fuck the tears and the pain
Hell fuck attempting to rhyme
Time for the tears to dry
And the anger to pour
Blood red
White white snow
I want out
Of this diseased prison
The memories painted upon walls
In bird shit
This sick and twisted imagery
Fails to grasp the hated memory
That's nothing more
Than a diamond curtain
Over a mirror
Of purest glass, encased by diamond
Waiting to be found
That will show
The reality of me
I try to step closer
And right beside it is a light
A single block of shimmering gold
A glowstone, to light the night
I stare in wonder, freezing solid
And touch the shard
Of ice
That sticks out of my beating heart
And keeps me from feeling real
I reach out to touch
The glowstone so bright
But it's blocked by a case
Of night
I try to break it
But there's no hope
The shard in my heart
Forms into a key
And I stare at it slowly
I bite my lip, and try
To take it out, but I'm too scared
What will happen if I face
The truth of me?
What will happen if I look
In the mirror?
There's a tap on my shoulder
I turn and look
Behind me
And there stands a man
He smiles softly
And gestures to the shard
I go closer, and he pulls me to him
He places upon my lips
A single icy kiss
But for a second I feel so warm...
And then his hand
Pulls from me
And with it goes the shard
He kisses it, and watches as
My body heals again
I collapse but he holds me up
And turns me to look
At the curtained mirror
Where the glowstone shines again
No longer hidden by night
For a second, I hear a voice
Coming from the one who doesn't speak
I pull back the curtain
And see a smiling face....

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